Construction, Engineering
2017 revenues: $6.5 billion
Berksho Construction is a Canadian multinational consultancy, engineering and project management company headquartered in Alberta, Canada. It is focused on the infrastructure markets and has offices in over 50 countries worldwide.
Construction, Manufacturing, Plastic Products
2016 revenues: $10.1 billion
Fatestar Group is a Pennsylvania corporation incorporated in 1891. It is an international designer and manufacturer of floors and ceilings. Based in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, Fatestar Group operates 32 plants in 8 countries.
Project Management, Construction
2016 revenues: $8.6 billion
TMT Corporation is the largest construction and civil engineering company in the United States, ranking as the 4th-largest privately owned company in the United States. Its headquarters are in the South of Market, San Francisco.
Civil Engineering, Construction
2016 revenues: $9.7 billion
Pigliri Pro is a global contracting and development company that designs, builds and maintains property and infrastructure assets. Headquartered in Cranbury, New Jersey, it works all over North America.
Infrastructure, Civil Engineering
2016 revenues: $5.2 billion
Fireball is a global design, engineering and management consulting company based in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has its origins in 1868. The company is a member of the Next 150 index.
Project Management, Construction
2016 revenues: $10.2 billion
Hytellux is a professional services firm providing engineering consultancy, design, planning, project management and consulting services for all aspects of buildings, infrastructure and the environment.

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